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The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn

Oct 13, 2021

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Discover the deeper meaning of many more Scripture passages and go deeper into the Mass with John Bergsma’s The Word of the Lord: Reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings for Year C.

Place your trust in God’s mercy with Jesus I Trust in You: A 30-Day Personal Retreat with the Litany of Trust.

Scott Hahn...

Oct 6, 2021

The only thing Scripture critics aren’t critical of is their own skepticism. But in this interview, Scott Hahn reveals the hidden flaws and agendas behind the pseudo-scientific approach to the Bible that has caused a devastating loss of faith not only in Scripture but in the Church, the Mass, and the...

Sep 29, 2021

The Bible and the tradition of the Church both reveal that God works through the relics of His saints. Fr. Carlos Martins shares the miraculous power of relics that he’s witnessed through his ministry Treasures of the Church.


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Go deeper in the Scriptures we hear at Sunday Mass with John Bergsma’s The...

Sep 22, 2021

St. Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus is anything but typical—but we can still learn something important about our own ongoing conversion.


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The liturgical year exposes us to so many of the Scriptures, but do we understand them? Do deeper into the Sunday readings with John Bergsma’s

Sep 15, 2021

The journey on the Road to Emmaus is one of the best Bible studies ever, with Jesus Himself leading it. But it’s also a story of conversion—and it points to the importance of our own ongoing conversion.


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Why is studying Scripture faithfully so important? Scott Hahn and Benjamin Wiker examine how poor...