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The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn

May 28, 2019

We can’t have deep and loving relationships with our family and friends unless we first have a deep and loving relationship with Jesus. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Dr. Hahn is joined by his wife Kimberly. Together, they share their personal stories of the importance of living God’s love out in...

May 22, 2019

On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Scott Hahn helps us consider Mary’s queenship and her role in our salvation. Popular culture may have us believe that queens hold next to no power outside the realm of fairy tales, but nothing could be further from the reality contained in God’s Kingdom.  


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May 15, 2019

In biblical studies, typology is the principle that examines how the Old Testament prefigures and foreshadows the New. As St. Augustine says, “the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New, and the New is concealed in the Old.” Scott Hahn unpacks the Ark of the Covenant as a type for Mary in this episode of The Road...

May 8, 2019

We hear a lot today about a crisis of fatherhood, but we’re also in the midst of a crisis of motherhood. It goes further back than the women’s liberation movement or Roe v. Wade—it goes back to the Garden of Eden. On this episode, Scott Hahn connects the Old and New Testaments to illuminate how Mary is the new...