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The Road to Emmaus with Scott Hahn

Sep 25, 2019

We’ve all heard the common objections to the Catholic Church. We might even have friends who have fallen away because they weren’t given the tools to defend their faith. On this episode of The Road to Emmaus, Scott Hahn, himself a convert to the faith, helps us understand and answer these objections.

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Sep 18, 2019

Think of Thomas Aquinas, and the first thing that comes to mind is usually the Summa Theologiae. But Aquinas was actually first and foremost a Scripture scholar. Scott Hahn explains what we can learn from this great scholar about placing the Word of God at the forefront of our lives.

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So many of St. Thomas...

Sep 11, 2019

What does the second coming have to do with the Mass and the Eucharist? For most Protestants today, the Greek word parousia in the writings of St. Paul conjures up an image of the second coming. But when St. Paul uses parousia, meaning “presence,” he’s really referring to Christ’s physical presence veiled in the...

Sep 4, 2019

We’ve all heard the statistic that only 30 percent of Catholics in America believe in the Real Presence. But one statistic that came out of the recent Pew poll has been largely overlooked: most of the 70 percent of Catholics who believe the Eucharist is merely a symbol also believe that this is what the Church...